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About Us

At VCU’s College of Humanities and Sciences, we feel passionately about the possibilities the “and” in the College of Humanities and Sciences represents.

As a student, you have the opportunity to take courses across multiple disciplines and, if you want, pursue a minor, certificate program, or double major. With two schools, 17 departments and three programs, you have a lot of options. Nearly 60% of VCU undergraduates have at least one major in the College, the most of any college or school at VCU. 

With the College, you get the chance to have interesting classroom instruction as well as meaningful experiential learning or a hands-on internship. You can work in an environment where you master the skills of your discipline and then help create new knowledge through undergraduate research projects. 

We also know the college experience takes place inside and outside the classroom. The College of Humanities and Sciences has dozens of clubs, organizations, or academic societies you can be part of (and VCU has more than 300!). As a student in the College of Humanities and Sciences, you are also part of the dynamic and vibrant Richmond metro community which you can engage with through personal volunteerism, service learning classes, and research experiences. 

Whatever your passions or interests, the College of Humanities and Sciences invites you to fully embrace your “and.”

Meet Jillian

Jillian Harrison is a chemistry major whose passion for flying is leading her toward a career in aviation. Learn more about how Jillian embraces the “and” in the College of Humanities and Sciences.