Undergraduate Majors

Browse majors available to undergraduates through the VCU College of Humanities and Sciences.

masked people at a rally raising fisted hands and bowing their heads

African American Studies, B.A. with a concentration in:

  • Artistic, historical and literary perspectives
  • Political, religious and societal perspectives
  • Social and behavioral perspectives

molecular structures

Chemistry, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical modeling
  • Chemical science
  • Professional chemist
  • Professional chemist with honors

flags from around the world

Foreign Language, B.A. with a concentration in:

  • Dual languages
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

a lab worker handling forensic samples in a lab

Forensic Science, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Forensic biology
  • Forensic chemistry
  • Physical evidence

a fabric weave tightly knit with an array of colors

Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, B.A. with a concentration in:

  • Health, society and social justice

human anatomical model

Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Exercise science
  • Health science


International Studies, B.A. with a concentration in:

  • European studies
  • General studies
  • International social justice studies
  • Latin American studies
  • World cinema

camera lens

Mass Communications, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Advertising/creative
  • Advertising/strategic
  • Journalism/broadcast
  • Journalism/digital
  • Media production
  • Public relations

a student solving math problems on a white board

Mathematical Sciences, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Biomathematics
  • General mathematical sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Operations research
  • Secondary teacher preparation
  • Statistics

labyrinths inside an anthropomorphic head

Philosophy, B.A. with a concentration in:

  • Ethics and public policy
  • Philosophy and law
  • Philosophy and science

lasers on an optic table in a quantum laboratory

Physics, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Nanoscience
  • Pre-medical

facade of the u.s. supreme court building

Political Science, B.A. with a concentration in:

  • Civil rights
  • Comparative politics
  • Human security
  • International relations
  • Political theory and methodology
  • Politics and government
  • Public policy and administration
  • U.S. government

artistic rendering of multiple anthropomorphic heads

Psychology, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Addiction studies
  • Applied psychology
  • Life science
  • Pre-graduate school
  • Urban psychology

a line graph and molecular structures

Science, B.S. with a concentration in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Professional science

Interested in a career in healthcare?


VCU offers four pre-health baccalaureate programs, which prepare students for competitive admission into nursing, medical laboratory sciences, radiation sciences or dental hygiene.

Students interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in one of these programs may declare pre-nursing, pre-medical laboratory sciences, pre-clinical radiation sciences or pre-dental hygiene either as their primary major or as a dual major.  

Once a student applies and is admitted into the professional health major, their pre-major is changed to the new major. If they are not successful in their admission, they will remain a pre-major until they either apply again in a future semester or decide to declare a new major.

Visit University Academic Advising's Pre-Health Advising page to learn how they help students navigate pre-health program admission requirements, while also supporting their career exploration into parallel majors.

Pre-Professional Health Minors

VCU offers eight pre-professional health undergraduate minors for current students interested in pursuing future admission to professional health programs such as dentistry, medicine, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant or veterinary medicine. 

Students are supported both by a pre-professional health academic advisor in the College of Humanities and Sciences and by a team of pre-professional health and STEM career counselors in VCU Career Services. The advising and career services provided by these offices will prepare highly qualified, confident and knowledgeable pre-professional health students for admission to professional health programs.

Learn more about our pre-professional health minors.