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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Humanities and Sciences is to serve as the intellectual heart and soul of our institution and wider community. The College of Humanities and Sciences:

  • Prepares lifelong learners to participate actively as engaged and responsible citizens
  • Propels scientific research and scholarship to improve the human condition, cure and treat diseases, and promote healthy environments
  • Grounds us in our history, critically examines our present human condition and empowers students to create more equitable local and global communities
  • Provides communities with a passionate and creative workforce that serves as a powerful engine for economic development and innovative solutions to problems

Vision Statement

As the intellectual lifeblood of VCU and our community, the College of Humanities and Sciences seeks to inspire our students to explore their passions and dreams as individuals and provide the context to understand their place in the world and connections with others—locally, globally and throughout time. Most importantly, our educational and research environment addresses an array of technological, health-related and societal problems, as well as providing profound insights and reflections of what it means to be human and humane.

Core Values

  1. A liberal arts and sciences education enhances the general quality of life and provides a pathway for students to become more productive leaders, global citizens and members of our society. Such an education is a pathway for students to develop a deeply meaningful and successful life and career.
  2. A dynamic, inclusive learning and working environment in which diverse individuals of differing cultural and intellectual perspectives and backgrounds, and differing life experiences are welcomed, valued and supported by our faculty and staff.
  3. Transforming lives requires our full commitment to academic and scholarly excellence. The future excellence of the College of Humanities and Sciences must continue to support existing strengths in research, scholarship and academic programs, including community engagement, leading toward national distinction, while ensuring that the critical elements of all programs are supported to provide a pathway for future excellence.
  4. Investments that we make in our students and communities transform our humanity in important ways that go beyond VCU in creating a more just and vibrant world.