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CNN's Sanjay Gupta visits VCU to interview forensic science professor

Michelle Peace, Ph.D., appeared on CNN's Weed 5 to discuss her research on e-cigarettes and CBD oils and liquids.
Michelle Peace and her lab team

Sanjay Gupta, M.D., chief medical correspondent for CNN, visited the VCU Department of Forensic Science over the summer to interview Michelle Peace, Ph.D., associate professor and principal investigator for the Laboratory for Forensic Toxicology Research, to learn more about the findings from her research program. Her research, which has been funded by the National Institute of Justice since 2014, is evaluating how electronic cigarettes impact public safety and public health. Some research projects have focused on the adulteration of e-liquids with drugs other than nicotine, which has led to evaluating CBD oils and liquids. She presented to the Food and Drug Administration in June 2019, demonstrating that unsuspecting people who had purchased CBD products to treat medical conditions were victims of unknown chemicals in their vaping products. Since her FDA presentation, she has been interviewed by popular media and news outlets, including CNN's Weed 5 with Gupta.

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