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Clarence Thomas sitting in a v.c.u. classroom
Broadcast journalism professor receives CHS Trailblazer in Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Award
Clarence Thomas, Ph.D. is an associate professor of mass communications in the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture.
a computer keyboard with three bright red keys - one says 'fake news.' one says 'facts,' and a third has covid virus symbols
Conspiracy theories are dividing us. How do we talk about them?
Social media groups are allowing people to form strong communities around shared beliefs — even if they aren’t true. To discuss this with loved ones requires a careful approach.
faye belgrave in her office at v.c.u.
VCU, COVID-19 and race and health inequities
An interview with VCU psychologist Faye Belgrave, Ph.D.
a person in a mask leaning against the wall on the subway
What was COVID-19’s impact on mental health, well-being and substance use early in the pandemic?
Research shows that those with a history of adverse childhood experiences were more likely to bear a heavier burden during the pandemic’s initial surge.
carolyn eastman and the cover of her book 'the strange genius of mister o - the world of the united states' first forgotten celebrity'
‘The Strange Genius of Mr. O’ reveals the story of America’s first forgotten celebrity
The book by VCU history professor Carolyn Eastman dives into performances, eccentricities, scandals and narcissism — and the nature of fame in America’s founding era.
a man sitting at a desk wearing virtual reality goggles
How virtual reality may help explore the role of fear in youth at risk for violence and crime
Participants in a new VCU-led study will use VR technology to experience a mild exposure to common phobias — for example, a virtual reality roller coaster.
a pregnant woman holding her stomach
As marijuana use grows, VCU researchers study its effect on pregnant and postpartum mothers
Funds and facilities at the Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research are making this pilot work possible.
person typing on a laptop
How journalism can empower and engage audiences without making them feel depressed
A new book co-edited by VCU journalism professor Karen McIntyre Hopkinson explores eight socially-responsible news reporting practices.
b ethan coston
B. Ethan Coston awarded REAL Challenge grant
Their proposal to the Relevant, Experiential and Applied Learning (REAL) Challenge grant was accepted and is seeking applicants for the inaugural cohort, academic year 2021-22.
a doctor holding up a vaccine
Study finds more than half of respondents are unlikely to get COVID-19 vaccine under emergency use authorization
The survey of 788 U.S. adults also found older people and Black people were less likely to be willing to get the vaccine.
fantasy lozada
VCU professor to explore ‘emotional code switching’ among African American youth
Psychology professor Fantasy Lozada received an NSF CAREER award to study emotion regulatory flexibility among African American youth, which helps them to protect against racism.
Madison Moore
'Think on This': madison moore on merging art, music and academics
madison moore, assistant professor of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, talks about being a DJ, and how it informs and influences his work in the classroom in this latest episode of “Think on This.”
gravestone for e.j. reynolds born october 31, 1877 and died september 26, 1913
‘Death and Rebirth’: VCU history professor’s new book reveals the history of Richmond’s cemeteries
“Cemeteries participate in the rawest political drives… . They teach us about power and resistance as much as about spiritual beliefs.”
crocs shoes floating in a body of water
A new VCU study explores the ‘nature is healing’ memes that dominated social media at the height of the pandemic
The jokes have been called the pandemic’s best meme. A study that originated out of a VCU class examines why.
various potted plants
Armed with a ruler and a $1M grant, a VCU professor studies functional trait variation in plants
Biology professor Catherine Hulshof’s research, funded by the National Science Foundation, aims to help predict the responses of species and ecosystems to climate change.
oscar wilde
VCU English professor edits new collection of nine classic Oscar Wilde short stories
The collection is the “perfect distillation of one of the Victorian era’s most remarkable writers.”
two kids sitting across from each other at a lunch table
Analysis of school lunches suggests federal nutrition standards should be maintained, or strengthened
A new study led by VCU researchers examined nutrient composition of what children chose and what they actually ate through the National School Lunch Program.
a therapist having an appointment with a patient
$1.4M grant will support free behavioral health services to underserved youth
The grant will expand VCU’s Primary Care Psychology Training Collaborative with a focus on rural and low-income minority youth and their families.
an old map of a city next to a portrait of Alexander Anderson from 1815
Here’s how New York City survived a deadly outbreak — in the 1790s
Through the eyes of front-line medical worker Alexander Anderson, a forthcoming book by VCU history professor Carolyn Eastman will explore how New York grappled with yellow fever epidemics.
bernard means
‘Virginia’s First Peoples’: VCU professor co-edits book about Virginia’s pre-European contact past
The book provides a scholarly but accessible overview of American Indian archaeology before Europeans colonized Virginia.
a man sleeping
Want better sleep? Less fast food and screen time, and more physical activity may be key.
A new study led by VCU researchers sheds light on lifestyle factors associated with healthy and unhealthy sleep.
a teacher standing in front of a class of elementary schoolers
$2M grant to support programs for elementary school students at risk of social, behavioral and emotional problems
The award from the Institute of Education Sciences will be co-led by researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Minnesota.
aerial view of v c u logo on walkway
11 experiential learning projects selected for VCU’s 2021 REAL Grants
While this marks the second year of the REAL Challenge Grants initiative, this iteration saw an increased collaboration with Community-Engaged Research in the Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success.
woman wearing a protective mask sitting on luggage in empty airport
A VCU-led study conducted early in COVID-19 could help confront the next health crisis
The newly published study involved a survey in March 2020 about how the public would respond to CDC-recommended actions amid the emerging pandemic.
bernard means at a lectern teaching during the covid pandemic
For faculty, a semester of challenge, creativity and resilience
A fall term defined by COVID-19 has been anything but normal, as professors work to modify curriculum and meet the needs of students — and double check the WiFi connection.
Hani El-Kaderi and M. Samy El-Shall
Two professors honored for their contributions to the field of chemistry, research
Hani El-Kaderi and M. Samy El-Shall are recipients of awards from Virginia Section of the American Chemical Society.
adult polar bear and its cub standing on a broken glacier in the ocean
President Biden’s climate change pledge sets a global example, VCU expert says
Biology professor Chris Gough says Biden’s pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half is a move in the right direction, but solving climate change will take a global effort.
robin everhart and baobao song
Song and Everhart awarded inaugural Community-Engaged Research Impact Grants
The grant was developed in partnership with VCU Real and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.
cristina stanciu
Stanciu appointed as the new director of the Humanities Research Center
Cristina Stanciu, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of English, where she has been a faculty member since 2011.
Couple wearing masks hold hands
Romantic relationships mitigate effects of trauma on alcohol use among college students
A new study led by VCU researchers finds that students who have been exposed to interpersonal trauma prior to college consume more alcohol than those without interpersonal trauma exposure. But romantic relationships mitigate these effects of trauma on a student’s drinking behavior.
william penn
Exploring the legacy of William Penn, one of early America’s important figures
A VCU professor has edited a new book on Penn’s political writings, offering readers a glimpse into the mind of Pennsylvania’s founder and an early leader in the movement for religious liberty.
four v.c.u. students walking on campus near cabell library on a sunny day
Involvement in student organizations, living on campus early in college reduce odds of dropping out
A new study by VCU researchers also finds that depressive symptoms, antisocial behaviors, exposure to stressful events and substance use increase the risk.
u.s. capitol building
Moderates are about to hold an ‘enormous amount of power’ in Washington, VCU expert says
Cooperation between Democrats and Republicans will be a necessity, especially in the Senate.
marilyn miller
Marilyn Miller, crime scene guru and founding forensic science faculty member, retires after 17 years at VCU
"It's more than just following a checklist, taking a couple pictures and packaging a little bit of evidence. [It’s] about understanding how that evidence is left at the crime scene."
a teacher writing on a white board
Teaching about social justice can lead to tense moments. A new book helps educators navigate them.
The book, co-edited by a VCU professor, aims to help teachers better handle challenging topics. “We are going to make mistakes” in being effective allies, Kim Case said. “But we must take the leap.”
a woman talking to a soldier in a tank from an old war photo
In “Confronting Totalitarian Minds,” timely lessons from the past
The forthcoming book by VCU professor Aspen Brinton is inspired by Czech philosopher Jan Patočka and examines the use of dissidence to challenge leaders to be more democratic.
Man blows out smoke from e-cigarette
E-cigarettes with a cigarette-like level of nicotine are effective in reducing smoking and exposure to carcinogen, study finds
E-cigarettes with a cigarette-like level of nicotine are effective in reducing smoking, according to a new study led by researchers at VCU and Penn State College of Medicine.
a chemist holding a beaker of blue liquid in a lab
Chemistry professor receives project funding from the university’s Presidential Research Quest Fund
Indika Arachchige, Ph.D., is one of 18 VCU researchers to receive part of a $512,000 award to fund research projects.
fantasy lozada
PrEDI receives the CHS Collaborative Work in Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Award
PrEDI is the Committee for the Promotion of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Department of Psychology.
Row of COVID-19 vaccines
Will the U.S. public support donating COVID-19 vaccines to low- and middle-income countries?
A new study led by VCU researchers surveyed 788 people. Among its findings: Older people were less likely to support donating vaccines, as were Republicans.
sound waves being measured on a computer screen
‘Exploring the sonic world that's around us’: A look at VCU faculty working in the world of sound
From art installations to podcasts to music, these profiles in audio provide a unique glimpse into a diverse field of study.
side by side photos of hog island in 2004 and 2020
Climate change is contributing to ‘state change’ in diverse ecosystems, including in Virginia
A new VCU-led study examines how small changes in an environmental driver are transforming the structure or function of some ecosystems.
Anita Nadal and the seven students that traveled with her to Nogales, Arizona.
VCU students learn about immigration and the border firsthand
A service-learning trip to Arizona benefits students and the migrant community at Casa Alitas.
Mariam Alkazemi next to her book
New book co-edited by a VCU professor offers a more inclusive understanding of the Arab diaspora
Mariam Alkazemi’s “Arab Worlds Beyond the Middle East and North Africa,” celebrates the achievements and acknowledges the challenges of new communities built by the Arab diaspora around the world.