Gina Longo

Gina Marie Longo, Ph.D.

Job title: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Department of Sociology

Longo's research is in digital spaces, intersectional identities, citizenship, nationalism and inequality.

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Gina Marie Longo, Ph.D., received her doctorate from the Department of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her research agenda contributes to knowledge about digital spaces, intersectional identities, citizenship, nationalism and inequality with implications for the sociologies of migration, gender, race and politics. She recently completed her postdoctoral research position on the Access to Justice Project at the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Law School, which explores the challenges to self-representation that low-income, non-custodial parents experience throughout child support court. Her current project employs mixed methods to investigate how U.S. citizens negotiate immigration officials’ demands that they prove their marriages are authentic.

Her recent Gender & Society article, “Keeping it in ‘the Family’: How Gender Norms Shape U.S. Marriage Migration Politics,” has received awards for outstanding scholarship from ASA’s International Migration Section, the Eastern Sociological Association and the University of Wisconsin’s interdisciplinary Research Center on Gender and Women, and has been featured in Sage Publication’s Gender & Society Podcast and the London School of Economics’ US Centre blog.

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